DigitalMentor™ is a collection of tools customized to suit your needs.

Start with the plans below and contact us to discuss the best level for your company.

Level 1 - Building the Foundation

Knowledge Never Lost™
  • DigitalMentor Inc. consults with you and your staff to assess how to integrate mobile computing with your daily tasks.

  • We create a graphical retrieval system connecting your existing digital plan drawings.

  • We digitize Operational and Maintenance documents for immediate access to your critical machinery and equipment information.

  • We perform on-site scanning of paper plans.

  • We create fillable forms with advanced features, made from your daily forms.

  • We set up basic file sharing and administration tools.

  • We help you to create a library with references and equipment catalogs.

  • We teache you how to use your new mobile system with onsite training.

  • Ongoing support is available to guarantee your success!


Level 2 – Next Step

  • Level 2 includes all the Digital Mentor™ services and tools from Level 1.

  • We bring depth to your graphical retrieval system with our Digital Mentor™ product.

  • We add multimedia Standard Operating Procedures for difficult tasks, emergency procedures, or critical safety procedures.

  • We add more complex systems such as pump stations, complex equipment, or treatment plants. We integrate additional plan drawings, equipment and mechanical data, and multimedia techniques.

  • We teach you how to use the new, more advanced features of your new mobile system with a additional on-site training.

  • Ongoing support is available to guarantee your success!


Level 3 – Build Your Own Data System

Custom Scope, Please Call For Quote
  • We customize the integration of DigitalMentor™ with your other software.

  • We coordinate with your IT department to integrate fillable form and data collection tools with your system wide database or other software.

  • We work with you to get your SCADA accessible on mobile devices.

  • We work with you and system providers to customize collection of real time data from the field to provide each user with the critical data necessary to their individual job.

  • We setup advanced file sharing for your office.

  • Ongoing support is available to guarantee your success!


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Frequently asked questions

What kind of documents can you connect?

We work with documents in the PDF format. At Level 1, we work with your existing PDF documents and connect them to other resources. At Level 2, we provide scanning for your paper documents. Each of these services is tailored to the specific needs of your organization.

What if I need some services but not others?

Each organization is different. At DigitalMentor™, we pride ourselves on being able to create an affordable, customized solution for every client. The Level chart above can give you an idea of what we offer, and a starting place to talk about how we can help you achieve your technology goals. Contact us today for a free evaluation.

Why is mobile important? Why should I buy your solution?

Better access to information and clearer communication results in significant reductions in operational costs. DigitalMentor™ puts information at your operators fingertips. Mobile devices that go with them in the field cut down on trips back to the office to find the right plans.

What are fillable forms and why would I want them?

Fillable forms are PDF versions of forms you already use. They are searchable, easy to store, and can be accessed from mobile devices or computers, all things that are difficult or impossible with paper forms.