You're mobile.

Your information should be too.

Re-inventing the tools of the trade.

The as-builts you need, wherever you are.

Location based organization of plans and schematics


What It Is

DigitalMentor™ is a consulting service and a suite of tools you need to develop a cost effective, user-friendly workflow for your organization.

No Barriers

We help jump start organizations and utilities to get you implementing technology, reducing the frustrations that stop you from taking this step successfully.

Easy to Maintain

With the tools and knowledge that we teach, utilities can then develop and maintain the process in the future tailored to meet their own individual needs.


DigitalMentor Academy

Education is a key part of our mission. At DigitalMentor Inc. we believe that the more freely information can flow, the more efficient and effective everyone can be. Like our professional tools, which connect your field operatives to the data they need, our online forum is a key part of this vision.

Whether you want to relate a clever solution, post a difficult problem you are dealing with, or find the right mobile tool for the job, our service forums are just part of the DigitalMentor™ and are an easy way to connect with other professionals in your field. Easy to signup, and easy to use. Sign up today.

Everything You Need, In One Place

Utility data, including historical as-built plans, operation and maintenance manuals, and lab records, are critical tools for the operation and management of a utility. Retrieval of these records is often reliant on a sole employee's institutional knowledge of the system. No longer.

The DigitalMentor™ tools, along with DigitalMentor™ and support from our experts combine to provide you with an intuitive data system that facilitates intelligent document storage and retrieval.

Designed by Utility Experts

We are engineers, utility operators, utility managers, and technical experts with 25 years experience each in the water and wastewater business. We know the industry, and its day to day needs.

DigitalMentor™ began as a way to harness the power of digital document storage in these fields. We saw first hand that through better access to information and clearer communication, there were significant reductions in operational costs, more consistent compliance, and the end result was better water and wastewater quality.

Proven & Cost Effective

Not having the plans you need can result in time consuming trips back to the office, which are frustrating for employees and can be devastating to budgets. The DigitalMentor™ consulting service helps you create an online library of plans, so employees will have access to all the information they need, wherever they are.

DigitalMentor™ has been implemented with water and sewer utilities and has doubled the operator effectiveness, decreased reliance on consultants, and improved preventative maintenance. Off the shelf equipment and low-cost applications, and a result in cost-effective enhancements at all levels of an organization.